Neighborhood Information

Taking a short break from your trip, why not enjoy strolling around the hotel?
Here are some restaurants and shops loved by locals.


Chanko-ban FUKAI

At Chanko-ban FUKAI, fresh sashimi, piping hot chanko nabe (hotpot) and delicious sake await you! Its popular manager and gracious hostess will offer guests chikara mizu (“power water,” which is one of the sumo rituals) like sumo wrestlers do.

Genre: chanko nabe (hotpot)
Phone: +81-3-3846-0202
Address: 2-14-4 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: [Monday-Saturday]18:00-23:00 (last orders)
Closed: Sunday and national holiday
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Established in 1897, Minoya serves dishes featuring horsemeat, which was originally offered as popular everyday stamina food to workmen and boatmen working in the local lumberyards.

Genre: horsemeat dishes, Japanese food
Phone: +81-3-3631-8298
Address: 2-19-9 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: [Monday-Saturday] 12:00-14:00 (last orders) / 16:00-21:30 (last orders 21:00)
[Sunday and national holiday]12:00-21:30 (last orders 21:00)
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A local favorite in Morishita for more than 80 years, Yamariki serves nikomi (beef offal stew), yakiton (skewered pork (meat and offal)) and local dishes with a twist of French cuisine.

Genre: izakaya (bar), yakiton (skewered pork)
Phone: +81-3-3633-1638
Address: 2-18-8 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours:[Monday-Saturday]17:00-22:00 (last orders)
Closed: Sunday and national holiday
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Mont Blanc

Specialized in teppanyaki (iron griddle cooking) Hamburg stake, Mont Blanc serves juicy and delicious hand-kneaded Hamburg steak made from 100% Japanese beef chuck.

Genre:Hamburg steak, Western/European dishes
Address:2-19-9 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours:[Tuesday-Saturday]11:00-14:30 (last orders) / 17:00-21:00 (last orders)
Closed: Sunday and Monday
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Bella Napoli

Sitting in a local shopping district with a distinct Italian atmosphere, this famous pizza house serves excellent Neapolitan pizza with softly chewy yet crispy crust.

Genre: pizza, Italian food
Phone: +81-3-5600-8986
Address: 9-3 Takahashi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: [Tuesday-Saturday] 18:00-22:30 (last orders 22:00)
[Sunday and national holiday]17:00-21:30 (last orders 21:00)
Closed: Monday
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Ono Coffee

A coffee shop popularly known for its pancakes cooked on a copper griddle and Naporitan (Japanese pasta dish). You can enjoy items like special blend coffee and sandwiches in a simple and cozy shop.

Genre:coffee shop, pancakes, café
Phone: +81-3-3634-0586
Address:Soleil Morishita 1F, 2-17-5 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: [Monday-Sunday] 9:00-19:00 (last orders 18:30)
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Take Out


This long-established homey bakery sells fresh-from-the-oven bread, including its popular curry bread which claims to be the original curry bread now popular all over Japan. Take out only.

Genre: bread, sandwiches, curry
Phone: +81-3-3635-1464
Address: 1-6-10 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: [Monday-Friday]7:00-19:00
[Saturday and national holiday]8:00-18:00
Closed: Sunday
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From traditional Japanese confections to creative sweets blending East and West—enjoy Fukudora’s exquisite sweet delicacies made by artisan confectioners who single-mindedly pursue delicate techniques and sensitive mind.

Genre:Japanese confections
Address:Sakura Mansion 1F, 2-17-7 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours:[Tuesday-Sunday]9:00-18:00
Closed:Monday (open if it is national holiday)
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